I think some ppl here may be reading a lot into this guy's agenda. We don't know if he is mean, a player, a dog, a virgin, anything. For all we know, the female acquaintance w/ whom he allegedly flirted could have been exaggerating or making things up.

All we know is that the guy was unwilling to commit to skorpio during the 7 months they dated. Skorpio apparently wants a guy who is ready to commit.

She halfway gave him another chance after they broke up and he was, again, unwilling to commit. And as far as I know, he still hasn't said he is now willing to commit. But skorpio is still looking for a commitment.

Based on the information given, he is a bad match for her. And for that reason and she should not entertain him any longer...bc she still has it bad for this guy and once the convo starts flowing again, she wil be wide open.

I'm not going to say this guy is evil and terrible and abusive and all this other stuff. IDK that and it's beside the point anyway.
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
Spider, thank you so much. I'm glad u said this. He is not a bad person in my eyes. His problem is that he is immature, and I learned now that I cannot change that. He needs to grow up on his own. Ur right, he never committed and still was not willing to last time we spoke. So, he hurt me, but I don't hate him. I'm trying to finish healing and move on. He does have to learn that when he hurts someone they will not stick around, as someone else here mentioned. I have to show him that I will not take it anymore. I know in my heart I was very good to him, and he knows it to. So, I have no regrets that I was good to him. It leaves me feeling like I'm a good person and deserve to be treated the same way I treated him. Therefore, I'm not going to respond to him. I'm just happy he realized he was wrong and apologized, and I'm going to hold on to that and let it end there because I am happy and don't want to ruin it by responding
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