Thanks y'all, that does help! I do need to be more regular about DTs for sure. I'm such a slacker-pants. My hair doesn't seem to have the typical reactions to protein and OCing as most people though. Boo!

To answer product questions--the only LA Looks gel I've tried is the Sports Gel, and it does alright, but I live where there are low dews so the glycerin is often a problem. I'd really love to find something with lots of hold (I like crunch) and low humectants.
2b/2c--Dry climate
Medium texture/Normal Elasticity/Normal Porosity
High density

Current Routine:
Cleanser/Co-wash: VO5/AIA Coconut Co-wash
LI: Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner

Super Soaker
Styler: Homemade FSG with a small bit of coconut oil and LALSG
DT/PT: CJCR, Ion Reconstructor