It's official, I'm resurrecting this thread! I told myself a while ago I wouldn't buy more products until I figured out my hair properties. Well, results are in! I'm fine, dense, medium porosity, normal elasticity, and I am ready to start trying new products! I recently received a $100 WalMart gift card as a promotion for something, andů well I might have gone a little overboard and ordered just about every CG product WalMart sells online.

Today: I low poo-ed with Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo and used Aubrey Organics GPB condish as a rinse-out. I only left it in for a minute or two and rinsed fully. Then, I applied a little V05 kiwi lime as a leave-in because my hair gets overmoisturized so easily throughout the day (I think). Scrunched in a little GF pure clean gel, followed by a tiny bit of LAL sports gel for extra hold. Plopped 5 minutes and then diffused.

Results: Meh. I have okay definition and great shine (always do with LAL gel), but it's rather flat today. This is my third day in a row using the AO GPB conditioner and while the protein makes my curl pattern tighter, I think it is a rather heavy product and also weighing me down. Also, I think I will lay off the protein tomorrow, because I'm starting to get some crazy fly-aways from it.
2b/c, high density
fine, medium porosity, normal elasticity
loves protein, hates polyquats
still searching for HGs