In my area, the sheriff's # is only one digit off from a pizza place! I know because my friend had the number before the pizza place. They'd get calls all the time for the sheriff, at all hours. They hated it.
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Haha. I know that feeling.

One of our non emergency lines was one digit off from a pizza joint. Thankfully, it went out of business. You could answer the phone, identifying the agency, and people would proceed to order pizza. We got so sick of it. Occasionally we would tell the incredibly rude ones, who would not listen, that their pizza would be there in 15 min or it would be free. Lol

*they did not have that policy, btw, but they did have the grossest pizza*

Guess I will (finally) watch Sinister, before lights out.
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They had a little fun with it too sometimes. But then they'd get those angry calls at 3 am about dogs barking or whatnot.
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I'm glad they did. Yeah, I love those. "Come tell this dog to shut up"! I'm sure they heard a lot that they really didn't want to
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??