Well, Liz Taylor is white, so clearly Cleopatra was white and looked just like that.

Seriously, one of my pet peeves is white people who bring up that "there are white Africans." WE KNOW. They as a group are responsible for apartheid, taking all the good land, torturing the Mau Maus, various colonial crimes, setting up slave systems, bringing in missionaries to take away peoples' culture.... They're disproportionately living off the wealth of the continent and appropriating culture when they feel like it. (Note I am speaking as a whole, systemically, not about individuals.)

When white people say "not all Africans are Black", what they are really saying is, our need to cling to white privilege is so great that we have to extend it even into the one place where there is a Black majority and we have to deny Black people even the right to claim the most ravaged and raped continent on earth as their own because we cannot stand there to be any thing in existence we do not get to impose our selves upon and control.
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yes there are white people in africa, but don't forget how they got there, and why they went!