An "unwise choice" is a huuuuge understatement omg.

Brown/black/yellow face is never never okay.

omggg white people when will you learn?
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I'm mostly expecting that the following will be perceived as whining, from someone in the entitled class by virtue of my white skin color..but I'll put it out here anyway:

The "omggg white people when will you learn?" part makes me feel uncomfortable given the vibe this board values having. There's a desire to be politically correct, progressive minded, etc.

Here, I know that if someone were to talk about a behavior and say "_____ (non-white) people when will you learn?" it would stand out. It would seem offensive. And that would be understandable.

But the logic that seems to prevail here is that there's no respect-worthy reason for someone white to object to your phrasing.

I don't understand why that is.
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She's clearly talking about the people who put on black/brown/yellow face or think it is OK, and these people are white. The comment in its context obviously refers to white people who think there are times blackface is OK. The concept of blackface was developed by white people and they're the ones using it. People who desire and try to be progressive-minded don't fall into this category and the remark wasn't directed at them.
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