She's clearly talking about the people who put on black/brown/yellow face or think it is OK, and these people are white. The comment in its context obviously refers to white people who think there are times blackface is OK. The concept of blackface was developed by white people and they're the ones using it. People who desire and try to be progressive-minded don't fall into this category and the remark wasn't directed at them.
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If I was talking about a behavior carried out by some non-whites who could be identified with a more specific ethnic or racial label, and that was implicit, and I concluded with a last line of "_____ people when will you learn?" my clear context wouldn't be enough for that not to read a little off.
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Oh Lord. No. The two are not equivalent. "A behaviour carried out by some non-whites" is not the same as a systemic exhibiting of power and privilege to degrade and define and dehumanize others. There is no equivalent for "non-whites" because we don't hold power and privilege. Comments about "white people" who are the privileged minority and that refer to racist behaviour by white people aren't equal to whatever generalizing and stereotyping of people of colour you might be referring to.
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