I have 2c/3a curls that I work very hard at maintaining. The other day at work (where I normally get complimented on my hair) one of coworkers remarked that she would love to see me with straight hair. I get that A LOT and I understand peoples curiosity. I just told her it takes me at least an hour to straighten it, my arms get tired and I don't like damaging my hair like that. She then remarked that she has the exact same type of hair as me and it takes her only a 15 minutes to straighten her hair, however her hair is about half the length of mine, at least. Then she goes on about how much she hates curly hair and starts recommending me different products to try to straighten it! I just sat there with my mouth open until she took the hint and stopped talking!!!! THEN my other coworker who overheard this says I should get a brazilian blow out because "then your hair would be straight for four months and it would look good!" and at this point I just said "Haha, excuse me," and got up and left.
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How annoying. It's like that first lady just assumed you hate your hair too and you just happened to accidentally leave it curly that day. ... It reminds me of certain conversations between women at the gym, one lady telling the other, "Overweight women are so unattractive. We need to go on a diet." LOL

As for your other coworker? I have a name for her. I just can't type it here.

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