It's a totally bad for you pot roast. But I made it a few months ago because I just wanted to dump some stuff in the slow cooker and ignore it all day and when we had it that night Mr. Spring raved about it like no pot roast I'd ever made before. Figures, since it's got totally horrible stuff in it.

Slice up an onion into half rings, put half in bottom of slow cooker. Put roast on top. Sprinkle half a packet of Good Seasons Italian dressing mix on top of roast, flip it over and sprinkle the rest on, rubbing it in. Pour in one bottle of Johnny's French Dip concentrate (do NOT read the ingredients list, I repeat, do NOT), add in water to barely cover the roast, put rest of sliced onions on top. I usually cook it for an hour or so on high then put it on low for the rest of the day until it's done.

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