I wonder if anyone who was part of producing that thought that it could be interpreted positively...instead of a western ideal of beauty being played into, you have a person playing into a (being forwarded as, at least*) Black African ideal. The fact she's not Black African herself is a welcomed reversal of the assumption that everyone, western or not, only finds western aesthetics worthy of playing into.

Whether the look is accurate to a Black African beauty/fashion ideal, I don't know.

Unrelated thought but if this looked exactly the same, except it was a Black African model, would it come across off on another note to anyone?
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Well, yes, of course, it was a conescending remark on the part of annabananalise. But it was also an ahole move on the part of the fashion editor (and generations of White racists who preceded her).


This really isn't about a European vs African beauty ideal. It's an historically-old practice of mocking and disgracing Black ppl. It is an example of a very racist artform that is now almost unilaterally dismissed as an embarrassment.

It's so offensive that many antiques dealers and museums have destroyed these kinds of artifacts.

That someone would so flagrantly publish a picture like this is very offensive. And I believe Annabananalise is commenting on the audacity of certain White ppl to continue to participate in this stuff.

I don't believe this was an American magazine tho. I don't think European countries are as sensitive to some of this as we (Americans) are.

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