Which made me wonder if the shoot's team could have conceived of it like "here's a white woman who wants to capture Black African beauty." Western-idolizing behavior turned around. She's altering herself to fit the mold she's aspiring to. You couldn't send that message with a Black African model.
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Except we're just not even close to a universe where that would actually be possible. In general, there are white women who want curly hair - to a point, but not the most tightly coiled or kinky hair - and want to be tan - to a point, but not to have the darkest shade of skin possible for a human to have - and want to have curves - to a point, as long as they can still be thin and fit size 2, and have full lips - to a point, but still be clearly white. There aren't a whole heap of white women who actually want to look and be Black.

If you want to send the message that Black women are beautiful and their beauty inspires others, you have to use a Black woman. Otherwise you're saying a white woman can send this message more effectively.
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