Spinach and arugula sauteed in garlic and olive oil, and then a "healthy" version of boxed mac and cheese, which is not as good as the Kraft crap for which I've rediscovered a deep, abiding love.
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How I hated KD as a kid!!! When I was on the ship, my Mom sent easy mac as a joke, and we were addicted to it after the bar! That and fresh cooked rolls stolen from room service....it was like crack!!!

I'm back to not liking it, but a store here (PC for the Canadians) has a white cheddar that I get the craziest cravings for a few times a year. One night I drove to three stores to find it

I was watching a show with this local chef the other day and the host asked him what his favorite crap meal was. He said KD

Chef Massino
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