favorite type of protective styles : braids, mini twists, sew ins, and wigs

How do you do it : I can't do hair so 1-3 are professionally done. Wigs however are just placed on my head and hooked in place with combs. And to prepare my hair for the style :
1. Wash condition and deep condition
2. Section hair and Apply a moisturizer, sealant, and heat protectant
3. Blowdry on high SPEED and LOW /WARM HEAT

What products do you use : cream of nature gloss n shine mist on all styles and their leave in spray on my real hair. Before I put the wig on I spray with the leave in to protect my hair.

How do you moisturize when your hair is still in the style I just spray the braids / twists every morning and I take the wig off and moisturize as needed

Hth :')