When will there be:
A White Congressional Caucus?
A Miss White America beauty pageant?
White Entertainment Television Network?
A United Caucasian College Fund?

eta: more beautimus comments

No one seems to mind when Beyonce straightens her hair and highlights it blonde and uses a pale foundation on her face.

NOT ALL AFRICANS ARE BLACK!!!!! Just shows you how ignorant a "certain ethnic" group is...

i'm tired of this racial calling BS, this is America if you dont like it go back to Africa or where ever you come from and see how they treat you there, i'm white and i don't get any special treatment because of my skin color so dont feel left out of the equation. I dont hear any other country going out of their way to help people either. face the facts this is not a fair world or eveyone would have it made.

BS, Blacks need to get a life. Africa includes black and white. The north is white the south is black, get over it. Cleopatra, one of the first "African" Queens was Greek.

So who cares what color she is? Aren't we supposed to be past this "skin color " thing? Does anyone complain about black Santa Clauses?

Give it a rest for crying out loud...GROW UP people!

White people still butt hurt slavery ended. The end.
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