oh I didn't mean money to be rich or anything, just not minimum wage or strugglin' I have school to pay off, once I graduate (iN 2 MONTHS PRAISE THE LAWD)

But that does sound like a good TIME!

I'm going to look into that (how do I look into that?)

my cousin played on a cruise ship for two months (the band) he loved it, Idky I didn't ask him questions lol.
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I was in the gift shop, so if you're looking for that, go through this company....

Starboard Cruise Services &#124 The World's Leading Onboard Retailer

A few companies run their own shops, but this gives you the most diversity.

Casino & Spas are also their own companies, I can get those sites if you're interested.

Guest services and cruise staff (run the games and all social activities) are employed by each cruise line on their own. I have a friend who is a cruise director with Carnival, so let me know if you want that addy. Carnival was the only line I didn't like, I spent a week and got transferred!
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