I haven't used this just recently since I started doing the super soaker method....I leave in a little Tresemme naturals conditioner, super soak my hair in the shower and then scrunch in just my mousse and I've been getting beautiful clumped bouncy curls without the AOMM. I always used the AOMM to achieve clumped bouncy curls and love how my hair looks with it alone in my hair but it doesn't hold all day and needs another product to hold the results. My daughter and I were going through a lot of it and it's not very cheap, but I may try it with the super soaker method too...I assume I put this in after my leave in, then super soak and then scrunch in my mousse?? Not sure if I would scrunch it in right before my mousse because my hair is dripping wet and I think it would just drip off my hair and get wasted? Not sure how to incorporate it with the super soaker method, any ideas would be great!
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How about a little scrunched in after the mousse?