Aztec Healing bentonite clay - used this for years for hair and skin

Nature's Way avj - to mix with clay and it also brings down the ph level

Beautiful Textures rapid repair dc w/ Kemi Oyl - haven't tried yet but will this weekend

Beautiful Textures whipped curl creme - loooove this stuff. Love how it moisturizes my curls

Aphogee protein treatment - just got out of dreads so my hair needed this protein bad!!!

Golden flaxseeds - for making flaxseed gel

ORS Edge control - hate this stuff! It was greasy and sooo heavy! I got build up the second I put it on with a light hand.

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*Natural 3C/TWA*
Wash: BS/ACV, ABS, KC Come Clean
Conditioner: Garnier WB Honey Treasures
, Garnier WB Apple & Green Tea
Pre-Poo: Oils & Honey Mix
DC: Garnier WB Honey Treasures Mask, SM 10-N-1

PT: Super Mayo Deep Conditioning Treatment
KCCC, Eco Styler
Leave-In: KCKT, Garnier WB Coconut & Cocoa Butter LI
Whipped Shea Butter
EVCO, Jojoba