AOMM is an absolute staple for me on super humid days. It doesn't work as great for me in the winter unless it's very damp out. I like to use it as a leave in. I apply it to soaking wet hair as a base before my curl cream. I love it so much I even chose it as my styling product the day of my wedding (in steamy Key West, Fl)! AOMM, and Mop C mixed with some giovanni DLI as my main styler. I think I sealed with a tiny bit of coconut oil over all of that. Humidity proof hair and shiny perfectly formed curls! I know I used it as a main styler and didn't like it, although it's been a while since I've done that so I can't really remember why. For me it's an amazing leave in though. I would love to hear how other people use it as well! Now I feel like experimenting...
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That's interesting how you mentioned the Mop C (curl cream?). I just received my order for some Mop C curl cream today and was wondering how I should use it first. I also just ordered some GDLI (I used it ages ago) and some KCKT. I will experiment tomorrow .
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Looking forward to your assessment of the MOP-C! I've long been intrigued by the glowing reviews, so I was very excited to learn that it's finally back. I've been closely following the thread on it to see if it's still the same great product.

Never heard of the AOMM, but sounds great (CG, natural, and a great company). Has anyone tried Aubrey's Leave in Liquid Conditioner and Curl Activator Spray?

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