Ya'll are BAD influences!

I went and bought 3 regular shadows, 1 eye pigment, 1 blush, the oil cleanser, the Fix+ and I'm sure there was more...that's all I can remember. I'm totally going back, but maybe shopping it online instead of the Nordstrom counter. I wanted some funky colors and they kept suggesting taupe or copper or pinks or purples.

Listen, people. MAC101 is purchasing taupes and neutral colors, usually. At least, for any of my white friends who have gone to MAC, their palette begins with taupe, bronze, brown and coppers. Pinks and purples are the next graduation...boring!

I'm a white, white, white redhead (well, hennahead) with lots of freckles. The neutrals are great, but I have a bajillion of them! Pink and purple...while I can wear them successfully once in a great while, I'm not spending MAC prices for colors I wear occasionally.

Finally found a slamming coppery green and some other fun colors, so after my haul, I took my bad self off to Sephora where they treated me better and I spent more.

THEN I got attacked by the kiosk people that try to convert you to their skin care plan of $3000 for 3 products, which gives you a 3 year supply (because...ya know, it's only like $2/day...but you only use it once a month...their math is severely skewed). And I won't pay $3000 for any kind of skin care at what I make right now. Maybe when I make $3000 every time I breathe, I might consider it.

So...after my experience at MAC/Sephora/and the super-agressive kiosk...I'm internet shopping for the rest of my MAC wish list!