I have an old really cheap ionic diffuser with a big bowl, it is so old I can't read the maker anymore, ( I think I bought it because it was cheap and my favorite color
I don't buy into the hype of buying expensive blow dryers if I only use it twice a month. The most important thing for me was that it has a cold setting . I always start on warm for a short time and finish cold. I never had any heat damage or spit ends.
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Agreed. One of my favorite things about my dryer is it has three settings: cold/not heat, warm, and hot.

I diffuse my hair almost every day because I can't go into work with wet hair, so I wanted something better than drugstore. I admit I have no idea whether my dryer is actually any better or less damaging than a cheaper one, but with the recycle program I thought it was worth it.
2b/c, high density
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