I've bleached my hair since it was quite short (chin length) and continued bleaching until it was just past my shoulders. I've now gotten it all the way to BSL. It did for sure grow pretty slowly during that time but I'm sure it was because while I was bleaching it, I didn't know much about healthy bleaching and did the foil method of bleaching over and over already bleached hair :S eek. Also, I didn't know much about hair cair and treatments and oils etc so wasn't taking care of it very well. Now that I've grown it out to BSL though and it has gotten pretty healthy in that time, I do want to put some highlights back in because I LIIIIVE to be blonde but will obviously do them well and not my entire head AND continue with good treatment. I really hope I can keep growing it out well and that it stays fairly healthy with the highlights so it gets even longer. I'm stoked!!!

I've really struggled with the bleaching and growing out dilemma but I think it IS possible to do it. It might grow a little slower and posssibly loosen curl a bit, but if all is done correctly and carefully, I don't think it makes a huge difference. I think the key is a lot of care and to be careful when re-doing it not to bleach over already-bleached hair (which was my first mistake). I think it can be done. Good luck!!!
High type: 2c/3a curl, a bit fine, medium density, VERY low porosity
Length: BSL (going for waist)
Ombre hair with warm brown/golden copper (grown out bleached ends and red henna overtop)
Hair loves touch.
Products: Live Clean but...
new here and currently researching better products to achieve better definition and VOLUME for my hair type! Haven't decided yet what to try....