So at $130 with 20% of it'd be $26 off. Solia one would be $18 off the $90 but then I'd have to get a diffuser too, also at 30% off. And then I could get $40 off if I sent in my blow dryer but I'm assuming that'd be at least $8 to ship. . . so many numbers!

I'm looks 104-32 so $72 for the babybliss and 72-32 so $40 and whatever the diffuser would cost for the Solia. Not bad in either way. Maybe I'm just going to have to splurge. I don't want to get a cheap blowdryer that peeters out on me. I like to buy for keeps and I'm assuming I'd only use the blow dryer maybe two times a month like Nikitakev because my hair air dries fast. I just want to experiment with styling it and seeing if I'd be able to achieve root curl or tighter curls minutes the water weight.

Keep the suggestions coming, please!
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