i have golden olive around here somewhere, but i have dark brown eyes, so it really makes them pop.

be strong when you return those eye shadows....

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Well, if I ONLY return the eyeshadows and don't go to Sephora, I don't have to be strong. It was the kiosk outside Sephora that had me pinned down and trying to sell me $3000 face products. And insulting my skin and intelligence at the same time (pardon me for having an allergic reaction to a new medication and having dry, patchy rashes so my skin looked like hell...). When I told him I was allergic to too many things and couldn't use what they were selling, he gave me the third degree, asking if I was allergic to anything in the ingredients because they're ORGANIC. Dumbass...organic doesn't mean allergic people can use it. It means that if was grown without pesticides, etc. I'm still allergic to jojoba oil, organic or grown with pesticides.

Then he finally asked if I was allergic to vitamin C. Hi, idiot...my life and diet would be severely limited indeed if I was allergic to vitamin C. I'm sure some things are vitamin C free, but few and very far between. I just looked at him and told him that it would be a sad day in hell if anybody was allergic to vitamin C.

When I told my dad the story about how he cornered me and stood so close to me I could tell he had been drinking (I never, never smell alcohol on someone, but he was that close!), he got pissed. Said that as aggressive as I am (a high compliment from him), he's surprised I didn't punch the guy in the face and leave. Or at the very least call mall security or the cops. This guy was THAT aggressive. I told him no 10 times and still got cornered. I thought there was a 3 "no" rule. If someone says no 3 times, you have to leave them alone.