I never thought water would make that much of a difference in how my hair comes out....I'll have to post a pic...anyway, water got shut off on my street. Of course it was on day 4 of no wash so I absolutely had to wash my hair and scalp. I went to the store and ended up buying a few gallons of spring water until the waterline repair was made. I did a quick wash over the sink using the same shampoo and conditioner and then styled using the same process and products and my hair came out the best it's ever been! Even after sleeping on it I still have root curl! I also used a little less product and still got wonderful curl definition! I may be investing in a filter or will purchase bottled water just for my hair. The cheap stuff was 88 cents and since I only wash twice a week this is a pretty cheap investment in my hair. I always new I had hard water but didn't realize just how much it effected the way my hair came out!