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I'm not doing much of dating except with my ex, which isn't so great. He is an awesome guy, but I'm ready for someone who is ready for marriage. My ex and I have gone out for almost four years, yet he didn't feel comfortable moving in with me. I know he sees himself marrying me, but in two to three years.

I think I'm just burnt out and ready to find the one. It shouldn't take more than two years of dating to move to the next step once you're older than 25, but that could just be me. :-)

I haven't done speed dating. I am waiting for the 30 and older event. The one available to me now is ages 23-39. Honestly, i don't want to bother with anyone younger than 30.
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Yeah, I ran into the same problem with the speed dating events I looked into. The age ranges would have included men in their early 20s and the idea of having a mini-date with a 23 yo was laughable to me.

I feel you on the burnt out thing. I had fun dating around at first but now I'm ready to get serious. I'm getting tired of constantly meeting new people and starting all over again and again.

And on that note: do you guys think it's inappropriate to say on a date that you're looking for something that will lead to marriage? Or to ask if he's looking for that? If you think it's inappropriate on the first date (as I imagine most people do), at which date would you consider it OK?
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Honestly, I think it is the assumption of most men that any never-married, childless woman wants to be married. I don't think it is something that needs to be discussed at length. But I think in an online dating/speed dating/personals dating/matchmaking situation, it makes perfect sense to briefly ask the guy, before you meet or on the first date in the getting-to-know-you phase, what he's looking for out of this.

But don't expect these gys to always be honest or even know, themselves. And just bc they say they are open to marriage, that isn't an assurance they are open to it with you.

Just take any "yes" response with a grain of salt. And believe a "no" response! LOL

Personally, I would not ask a man after a month "where is this relationship heading?"

I woud hate to be asked that!

How would he know after a month??

And you can guage it pretty well by his behavior.

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