Yes flippacious thats the one I'm talking about, I don't know why they arn't really "advertising" that part because in my opinion that's the best perk of the blow dryer, especially for curlies. Here's a picture of the handle thing: (I have no clue how big this image is so sorry if its huge) Blowdryers: What's the best bang for your buck?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1362156662.256479.jpg
~Curly, Runner, Self-confessed Nerd~

2a no product/2b-c styled
Low Porosity, Fine
No poo-SM
Co wash-VO5 kiwi lime*
Rinse out- ION EC
Leave in - Giovanni Direct then SM smoothie (ends only)
Stylers-SM souffle topped with BRHG*

Hair hates: glycerin (high dews here in TX)
Hair likes: Coconut Oil*, protein