$70? Is that the going rate up by you? I do go every 8 weeks or so, though I sometimes stretch it out to 10 with a bang trim in between, but I pay $40.
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The first lady I went to charged $65 and while she did an OK job, it was just that, 'OK'. The last place I went to was Deva trained so of course it cost more so it was $70. I couldn't care less about the Deva styling, but I do like a dry cut for curls if it's done right. My hair did not look good when I left there, but after styling it myself I was happy with it.

My neighbor said there is someone she's gone to that says she cuts curly hair and she charges around $40 so maybe she's a little more sane. For me $70 is crazy, especially for a mediocre experience. When I only indulge in a haircut a few times a year it would be nice to enjoy the experience.

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