@ NvmbrCurls I have seen SO MANY people raving about Kinky Curly Knot Today and I really want to try it one day. This is going to sound so lame but I always hesitated because right now I just can't afford to pay the $13 price. So instead I decided to try the Say Yes To Carrots Leave In Conditioner-lo and behold my hair loved it. I really like that it has a smooth, creamy consistency and is Curly Girl approved (don't quote me on that one though)

SpiralSpunk-the rec that you made suggesting eliminating glycerin as the main humectant in my product was dead on, and I thank you for that suggestion. I did an experiment the other day to test your theory. I used SMSM and had frizz like you wouldn't believe, even with the SYTC underneath it. My hair also got weighed down quickly and had absolutely no definition. Then I used a cream that had no glycerin on the list at all and I had a gorgeous, frizz free hair day. Due to the disgusting dry Santa-Ana's blowing away right now and my baby-fine curls, I think this is my best option. You rock for telling me this!

Now i'm on the hunt for the perfect curl cream...without glycerin, parabens, sulfates or cones. This will be interesting.

Sally's is going to be seeing me much more often these days....