OMG it gets better.

Sue - with respect, I'm not sure what made you think that this book was aimed at children specifically. It's clearly marketed as a general cookbook, though having said that, my children (aged 1 and 3) have both tried several of the recipes that I've cooked from this book, and they have loved them all. My 3 year old has even helped me cook a few things himself, including the chilli burgers, the friands and the meringues, which are all very easy to prepare and cook.

I live in Australia like the author, but I am not sure what you mean by some of the dishes being 'odd' either. I would have thought many of the recipes (barbecued meats, burgers, roast chicken and pork, macaroni bake, pizza etc.) would be eaten regularly by American families (I'm assuming you're from the States?), and those that might not be so familiar still feature ingredients that should not be that hard to come by wherever you're from. I think it's a shame you didn't at least try some of the recipes before sending the book back...
The author states in the book she cooks with her children. You also live in Australia, enough said.