Hey guys! I'm new here at Naturally Curly but not new to CG. First of all, please move me/redirect me if I'm in the wrong place! I dithered between here and the general talk section, but I figure I'm soliciting reviews (and advice) so I thought I'd start here.

I'll start by saying that my hair is what I believe to be a 3a/3b mix, long, (dry-about mid back length, maybe longer, wet-just below my natural waist) thick, (still determining porosity, but leaning toward low since I feel like it needs a LOT of moisture, and product to retain it), colored, and prone to frizz. I don't heat treat, JUST started combing as opposed to brushing (like this morning), and to top it all off, I have an 8 month old son, so my system is riding out the tail end of some crazy hormonal nonsense You can see my hair here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...0301131055.jpg If that doesn't work, it's the only picture in my only album, lol. (I'm irritated that flipping the picture messed with the angles...it makes me look wider AND my hair look shorter...fail!)


Devacurl One Condition is nothing less than my holy grail. However, I simply can NOT afford it right now...especially not in the size I require! (I go through the 32 oz bottle in about 4-6 weeks...LOTS of hair that needs GOOD moisturizing conditioner!) Not to mention it is neither readily available in my area, nor is it sold at ALL in the 32oz size,. Ordering online is difficult for me to remember. I prefer readily accessible products. (My definition of readily accessible being available in Rite Aid, Target, Wal Mart, etc. It can even be ONLY in Rite Aid or something, you know?)

So, I've tried several things. I've been through two L'oreal Ever____, the sleek and one other that I don't remember. They're okaaaaay. Just okaaaay. Like 2.5 out of 5 kind of okay. You know? Ok slip, decent moisture right out of the shower but def doesn't hold up all day at all, and I really feel like there must be some sort of silicone or something hiding just due the way my hair reacts. I also am a big fan of thick cream-like consistency in my conditioners...I feel like that works best for me.

I tried the new Ology conditioner, from Walgreens and it was pretty good. Nowhere near perfect, but definitely a better consistency, and I felt it was more moisturizing. Anyone know if it is totally CG friendly? Still kind of small (for me) and not perfect. (not the biggest fan of the smell! And my hair hold scent like crazy.)

Right now I've moved on to Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing conditioner, and I must say I'm underwhelmed and disappointed. Pretty sure it must have sulfates or something somewhere because my hair squeaks when I come through it in the shower, I'm finding I need to wash it more frequently, and the frizz has definitely increased

Guys, I need help. I'm currently hunting for a deep conditioner, (looking into coconut oil!), and I know that I may find my hair more moisturized and manageable once I'm doing that on a more regular basis. I also just snagged some L'oreal leave in...it's the evercreme though, so it is a silicone. I was initially devastated but used it today since I had nothing else, and my hair looks fabulous. I'm confused!! I thought silicones were a no no?

What I really need the most is a good, thick, moisturizing, affordable, available, delicious smelling conditioner. Is that really so much to ask?

I know this is long and rather scattered, but I'll take all the help I can get. I've pored over the product review part of this site, and I'm slowly making a list of possible things to try. I'm also at work right now, but once I'm home I'll post some pictures of my hair so people have a better idea of what I'm talking about.

This place rocks! So glad I found it.

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