There were at Cedar and Warrensville for awhile (in the same plaza as Target). They were on the top floor so maybe they weren't getting enough walk-in traffice.

I bought a new machine and the Viking store offers one free class. It's a basic class about how to use your machine, how to hem jeans, buttonholes and zippers. I'm also going to pin 2 projects and get some feedback. You can pretend like we bought the machine together and crash, LOL
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"Sewing Crashers: Drop the Presser Foot"

I'm not crashing, silly. But if you're interested, I'll meet up with you afterward and you can have my Ulta coupon if you want it. I've got to stay away from that place.
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I'm 98% sure that my class is from 2-4pm. So feel free to show up whenever.

Ulta is the devil
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I'm not showing up for a class I'm not entitled to attend. Besides, if it's in Golden Gate, then it's near Marshall's, and I cannot go there for a while.

Ulta is the devil! That's why I'm trying to give away my coupon.

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