Okay I made a nonsensical post in the Say It thread, but I wanted to make another one because honestly? This has been on my mind since Christmas. This seems like it'd be an obvious answer but...

I'm all set to finish my masters in August, but I haven't been able to do an internship yet because I work full time. And I've been told repeatedly by my advisor and professors that an internship, while not absolutely necessary, will be a big help in looking for jobs after graduating.

I'm worried because I want to go back to a more creative industry (I'm getting my masters in writing) and right now I work at a law firm. Which is fine, but my last creative position was a freelance/internship from my undergrad days.

I've considered saving all my money to support me through the summer while I finish my degree and do an internship that may or may not be paid. And quitting my salaried job.

I just don't want to go into post-grad hunting only really qualified to do law-related positions because I absolutely cannot--nay, WILL NOT-- do that long term. Right now I'm working for the university's literary magazine, but I feel like I need more.

What do you guys think? Stick to the guaranteed paycheck and graduate, or risk a not guaranteed paycheck to add more relevance to my resume?

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