Well after one try of the Nurture deep conditioner, it is a miss for me.

Sample size: 2oz in weight not in volume. The owner and I went back and forth on this because my jar was half full. She says she doesn't go by volume but by weight and assured me that it was 2 oz. Ok. Anyway it wasn't enough product for my entire head so I only used it on 1 side so I could compare it to my BBB babassu conditioner.

Scent: Pleasant essential oil scent. If you ever go into WF essential oil section, that's what it smells like. Hard to describe. Lingers in hair but not offensive at all.

Slip: Not enough for me.

Softness & Moisture: In my hair none and none. Not when I applied it or after rinsing it out. When I rinsed it out after sitting under a heating cap for 30 minutes, my hair felt like I had just shampooed it. I had to use 3 leave-ins to soften and moisturize my hair. Perhaps I will try to steam with what I have left.

One last thing. The labels on the bottles did not match the ingredients list on the website. I was assured that I had the latest formula. While this has happened with company's I've ordered from in the past, it gives me pause that a company would send out old label bottles to a brand new customer. Perhaps they are experiencing growing pains.

In conclusion, if you decide to try this conditioner, you may need to buy 2 jars. FYI the bottled conditioners are filled to the top per customer service.

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