I am a Graphic Design student going into my final quarter of schooling starting this April. For my final class as a Graphic Design major I have to take a Senior Project class where I have to create and direct my own final project. For my project i've decided to create an ad campaign to help promote, embrace and show the beauty of Natural Hair in the African-American community. I truly believe that our natural hair is beautiful and that we should not conform to western ideals of beauty by dismissing our natural, beautiful and unique mane. I would like to eventually put together a poster or booklet made up of real stories from real people and I could really use your help on this by commenting below with the answer to this question:

What does your hair mean to you mentally, physically and emotionally?

Basically put it all on the table on how you feel about your natural hair and natural hair in general.
If you could also include a name you would like used with your story, please add it if you don't want to be quoted with your username.

Please spread the word to other naturals in your life. The more stories, the better. Thanks!!

Edit: You can also reply via this survey Be Proud...Natural Hair Ad Campaign Survey
Not African-American, don't worry you can still respond. Hair doesn't discriminate.
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I followed the link and replied there. I forgot to add my name or username to it, but my reply's first paragraph has "Mentally, Emotionally" and the second paragraph has "Physically". You're more than welcome to use it in your project if you haven't done your project already, and I'm fine if you include my username