So this is about my third attempt at going CG over the past 2 years and I think I'm finally done with it. I just find that co-washing leaves my scalp feeling so dirty and grimy. Not to mention using a t-shirt to dry my hair. I'm a creature of habit I guess and I want to get out of the shower slap a towel on my hair so I'm not dripping wet! I just don't want my hair to be such a big deal and I guess I'm not willing to change my ways. That being said I've learned some wonderful hair tips that I will continue to use in the future for special occasions. I feel so guilty! I was watching a video of the author of the CG book, Something Massey? and I found myself thinking....I don't even like her hair! It's fuzzy on top and frankly looked a bit dirty??? I'm not saying that to be mean but if the person who wrote the method your following isn't your cup of tea when it comes to their hair, than maybe that method just isn't for you.... Just a thought. Anyways, good luck to everyone else at different stages in their journeys.