I think it would be a bad idea to give up your source of income in the hopes that you will find something better as soon as you graduate in August. What if you don't find something right away? How long will your savings last you?

Why not start looking for a paid position in your desired field, similar to what you would be looking for once you graduate?
I totally understand. I'm not expecting to find something right after I graduate, but I want to go into writing/publishing/editorial stuff which is impossible to break into without experience/connections/a foot in the door. And my program is very connected with potential internships and I don't want to waste that advantage.

I don't really have qualifications for paid jobs in my desired field which is why I want an internship.

Cam u volunteer and keep your job?
I'm doing that now. The magazine thing is student-run and it ends in the spring.

See if the internship can be worked around your work schedule. Or if you can take a sabbatical. The VOR in me says keep your job. But I'm all for people pursuing their passion.
Most of the internships are 20-30 hrs a week. And sabbaticals aren't really a thing at this job. I'm just a legal assistant.

make the change while you still have the energy and inclination. once complacency takes hold its difficult to wiggle free. Im preparing to make a move myself. GL to you
Haha that's the advice my dad gave when I asked him. He's super practical and prefers stability. He also offered to cover my living expenses, but I told him I could handle it.
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