+1, your hair looks great!

If you aren't having issues other then dryness cowashing should help. I'm not sure if you're using silicones but if so you should do one last shampoo with a silicone free sulphate containing shampoo. Also, it looks like the coconut oil is working for you so I wouldn't assume protein issues until you try some. I would also question your having low porosity waist length hair that dries in four hours, especially if its also coarse. I am fairly new to this myself though so hopefully some of the veteran gurus will chime in.

Good luck
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Thank you for the reply!

Looking at my shampoo bottle the only silicone that I can find is Dimethicone. So I'm guessing I should buy a small bottle of another brand which doesn't contain any.

Is low porosity hair meant to take longer to dry or shorter?

My hair only dries because I sit right next to the stove which gives off a lot of heat, however the root of my hair still remains dampish.
This is my prayer. That I'll die living just as free as my hair.