I find (not on this board) that alot of people on message boards just want to argue about everything. Everyone has opinions and there is no problem voicing your opinion but then let it go - we get it. Don't need to keep arguing. I find that people do this much more on the internet because they don't see the person face to face. MUCH more bullying going on over the internet
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I agree with this 100% and i think alot of it goes on here too.

Its not fair to say people log off and go back to their Normal lives. I know of someone on here who was bullied for weeks and people just wouldn't drop the topic on her post,it got as far as some dragging it to other threads. When i reached out to her she told me she cried for 1 week str8 due to the hurtful things people wrote. The post (along with alot of others) was never meant to offend anyone nor was it directed to anyone. It seem like some people sit around and wait for the perfect post to target. Reality is we dont know what happen once other people log off. At the end off the day we are all perfect strangers. There are some things that people say on here that should not be said. People can be outright nasty. Sad part is once one person start many follow along. This board can get elementary at times.

Many have argued that everyone has an opinion and are free to voice them but i know & have seen the difference between a discussion between 2 people with different view points and blatant disrespect. whatever happened to the saying "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all"?

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Well said. I've never experienced anything like that here, but that goes back to what I said about people on here acting like donkeys.

I'm sorry about the tough experience your friend had.

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Thank you LIB :-)

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