Hi everyone, I recently found this group through a hair dye forum.

I have shoulder length 2c/3a curls i think (ringlets underneath and wavy to curly on top ). I have struggled with my curly hair most of my life. I have always liked it curly, but as i got older, my hair just started to become more frizz than curl, and I have bought more products than I like to recall, all in the quest to control my frizz.

On top of that I started going gray when I was 15 and so have been dyeing it ever since. A couple of months ago I decided to just let it go gray (I am probably 70-80% gray) so I trying to grow out the dyed ends which look awful at the moment.

I have just started the cg method this week and I am already seeing a big difference in my hair when i checked my current products, everything was loaded to the gills with sulphates and cones, so I went to Priceline and bought a few conditioners to trial.

I am currently using tresseme naturals to co-wash, garnier fructis nutri-oil or yes to carrots conditioner to rinse out ,and sukin conditioner as a leave-in, and for the first time since the 80s, using a gel.
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Hair type: 2c/3a, fine, med density, med-high porosity
Co-wash: tresemme naturals
RO: garnier fructis nutri-repair nourishing, matrix cb, ytc
LI: sukin, matrix cb, kckt
Sealer: argan oil, coconut oil
Gel: garnier fructis endurance 24 hr, kccc
Dt: matrix cb, alchemy masque
Pt: gelatin, joico Kpak