Maybe this is not the reason, but I also thought I was losing hair when I started CG. While in fact it was because it stopped BRUSHING my hair. When you brush your hair, your brush takes whole chunks of hair out of your mane. Now, I seem to lose a lot of hair, especially in the shower but also outside of the shower, but that's normal. Everyone loses hair. My brush just no longer takes it out for me, so my hairs happily fly around in my place. Humans lose 100 to 200 hairs a day on average.

If anything, you should have less hair loss than before you went CG, because brushing also unnecessarily rips a lot of hair out of your head.

I really don't see why those products should cause hair loss. Unless you have some kind of rare allergy for one of the ingredients.

Moreover, I advise you to consult your doctor, just to make sure it's not something serious after you've done that it'll be easier to find out the cause.
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I read about this as well, but I figured that perhaps it would not apply to me because I still use a wide-tooth comb on a daily basis. On the other hand, that's not quite the same as brushing my hair of course :-)

Btw, I absolutely love your curls! Hope I can achieve the same once I figured out what works for me :-)
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