I am relatively new here and have of course spent lots of time hunting info and advice. I have found this a challenge though because my hair is fine with a loose wave pattern that is easily weighed down. I have seen posts from 3's with this issue too so I don't think this is a curl type issue. I know there is already controversy about the curl type rankings and boards. The issue I am having is that on the 2 board the reccs don't always apply because of tighter wave patterns or coarser hair. On the porosity boards the same applies. I realize that all the hair properties come into play but I think, especially for beginners, hair thickness is the easiest to get right. I think if there had been fine, medium and coarse hair boards when I started here I would have figured out I had fine hair and some more appropriate products a lot sooner. Because thickness/texture has a lot to do with the weight of product that will work I think separate boards for this hair property would be extremely helpful.

For the record I did originally think my hair was medium, but that was before I found the link to the Curl Junkie founders' post on the subject. That link should be in a sticky if its not already. However if there had been a medium board I at least would not have started out with such heavy products.

So............what does everyone else think?
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