I use pretty much the same conditioners year round - Tresemme to detangle/cowash, because its cheap and I use a lot of it; CJAO for my RO in winter, CJ Daily Smoothing for summer; CJ Curl Rehab for DTs, Repair Me for the (very occasional) shot of protein. These conditioners are consistently reliable for me, so I don't switch. Where I do find myself experimenting a lot is stylers (particularly for winter, as Spiral Solutions CEJ and FHG are extremely reliable for me in summer, but if I could find a good winter combo that gave me consistent results, I'd stop looking). I don't like to have a jillion opened and partially used bottles of stuff lying around.
Sulfate/non-water-soluble silicone free since 8/16/10
Northern VA
Med-coarse, normal porosity, low elasticity
Dye-free since 11/2010