I have ordered some to try since on really on the lookout for new RO/DT. I've spotted them on the odd website here in the UK but lots of sites that sell Giovanni don't have them quite yet. The site I got mine from had one conditioner and one DT treatment. Copied and pasted ingredients from retail website so worth checking on bottle to be sure, apologies if below list is not accurate. Hope I'm right in thinking they are protein free or protein low, at least mainly moisture!

Glycerin being so high up isn't the greatest in current dew points but since they are rinse out products it should be ok. Might be more flexible use in summer. The ingredients look the same for each, is that weird?
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I've noticed that with a lot of product lines: the RO and mask are identical except for the price. (HE HIS and Neutrogena TM come to mind). The same is often true of RO and LI condishes (YTC, I'm looking at you).

Almost all the products mentiioned on the board can be found in the Product Reviews section, where you can find ingredient and attribute lists. Very helpful if you're sensitive to something in particular. The Giovanni RO is here: Giovanni 2chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Conditioner - NaturallyCurly.com

Fortunately for us, it IS protein-free! (Apparently, the mask is too new to have its own page yet.)

Let us know how you like them! I used the RO this morning, so I'll give feedback once my hair's finished drying.
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