Kathy, I've seen that in your posts, I think you also state that you use very small amounts. The issue I had was that the main message I got from the book and my initial hunting here was MOISTURIZE!!!! So I bought a bunch of heavy Shea Moisture, GVP CB, etc and then had limp hair. I had to really hunt to find suggestions specifically for and from fine haired posters and am now adding more protein, etc. Unfortunately a lot of posters don't list there hair type info so even trying to find valid reviews on products is hit and miss.
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I do use minute amounts of all products (expect for FSG), rich or not. I don't have a lot of hair--it's low density and short (ear to chin length as it grows between haircuts.) It's also low porosity, so doesn't absorb product quickly.

Don't think you should go by how your hair reacted to Shea Moisture products. Personally, I found the products heavy, as opposed to rich, if you understand the difference. My hair had trouble absorbing them--had to use the soap bars to get them out. While I usually use the soap bars to remove residual ingredients from the richer products, this was different. Almost like "build up." In the winter, I only wash with the soap bars once a week. I had to do this a day or two after I used the SM products because they just "sat" on my hair.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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