Upfront disclaimer: I just wrote a novel, I'm sorry!

I just made an appointment for a haircut a week from today. This is my first "curly" cut and I want to make sure I go in there prepared, so I'm looking for some advice!

My last haircut was in mid-September of last year. I was still wearing my hair "straight" pre-CG. It was REALLY short, plus the stylist used a razor and thinning shears. It was kind of an inverted bob, so it's shorter in the back and long in the front. In November, I discovered CG and have been trying to grow out the cut.

Current length: the longest pieces of hair (in the front) reach my collarbone when straight. The back of my head is just past the "knob" of my neck when straight.

Current issues:
1. The hair around my face just kind of hangs there, since it is the longest part. It is also the straightest part of my hair. I have a really small forehead/low hairline, and I think my face just looks crowded by my hair. My hair also just doesn't have any shape to it. What should I do with the front? Side swept bangs? Layers? Leave it alone?

2. I have crazy, crazy "layering," if you can even call it that. I'll attach some pictures that show. The shortest "layers" are the pieces that were the most violent victims of the thinning shears. They are mainly the reason I have been waiting so long to get another cut. I needed them to grow out somewhat.

So basically, what are some things I should ask for? Do "face framing layers" work at this length? I'm trying to keep my length as long as possible, but I realize I might have to cut a decent amount off to get rid of my weird ends. Any advice would be appreciated! I'm struggling to find pictures for inspiration.
2b/c, high density
fine, medium porosity, normal elasticity
loves protein, hates polyquats
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