I just saw a 24 oz. size of this at Whole Foods for I think $15.99 - I've got a $2 coupon so this wouldn't be bad. I've still got a full tube of this so probably should wait it bit - this is where I get into trouble!
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You just got ME in trouble! I didn't even know the larger size existed, but now I'm finding excuses to go to WF : )

The tube will go fast anyway, so we really *should* have a backup ...

BTW, where'd you get the coupon? The only ones I've ever seen for Giovanni are the peel-off type on the bottle itself.

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Yep, got the coupon off the tubes I bought! They are really tiny and easy to lose. And I just checked and I have two tubes of the conditioner and one shampoo stashed right now. I am ridiculous.

2c/3a - fine - medium porosity & density