I haven't heard anyone around here mention that their doctors don't accept patients on medicare (not saying it doesn't happen, I just don't know of any). My parents have never had an issue with their doctors, but they did have problems with the local hospital and had to use a hospital 30 miles away for awhile. It was ridiculous.
The entire health care system needs overhauled top to bottom.
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I have lupus and fibro and have 2 drs who dont accept medicare and 1 doesnt accepts HMO's. he's also whay's known as a concierge dr. I pay a fee to use him as my dr and he bills my insurance.
Somethings needs to be done thats for sure. I pay about 20k a year in copays deductibles etc.

I talk to a lot of sick people who have non-textbook problems. They have a lot of problems even with the canadian, australian, and uk systems. No system is ideal. It seems those with acute health issues have a more positive experience than those with chronic issues.
Healthcare should not be amount large profit margins for the admin (cant think of the word havent slept in 2 days) while family drs are barely getting by. It's a mess