I find just scooping it out and mixing it with a warmed spoon (that you've run under the tap) makes solid coconut melt very fast. The reason I say that is most plastic containers holding coconut milk will not be BPA free. If you're worried about that when you microwave.

Aqua_lily, I'm curious about the castor oil. Does it ever irritate your scalp or make it itchy? Because I'm still trying to deduce what it was in my As I Am Co-Wash that drove my scalp crazy. From my research I'm 90% sure it was the drying preservative but I've also been reading that castor oil has the tendency to build up. But here you say it absorbs into your skin quite easily. I want to get some castor oil just to experiment in skin and hair care too. I'm getting the NOW castor oil though, not the Jamaican black one to start off with.
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