Trevel, I have not try QOD Organiq. I might soon.
I will try Cocochoco, I am ready very good reviews on it.

HoneyCurls, I do not mean to discourage you from using/purchasing KeraPremium. It might work different for you.
I am just a bit disappointed, because as much as I tried convincing myself that I made a great decision on spending my money on it, I have to realize, it is not giving me the same results as the Original QOD Max. I don't know if it is cause I got a bad batch, but I am not as satisfied as I was with the original QOD Max.
It is the same color, the same smell, but not the same powerful and long lasting results.
Originally Posted by AphroDiva
It's hard for me to justify spending that much on something that may not work well. I tried Organiq Gold and I didn't like the scent, nor did it do a good job on my hair. I was lucky enough to finally sell the bottle. I only used it once. I'm getting ready to empty my bottle of original Gold and I'll need to replace it with something in the next 6 weeks. AphroDiva, I hope it works well for you...please let us know...I'll be waiting on pins and needles!!!
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