Well, not really changing it, but adding to it. I would add a middle name after my grandmother (I don't have a middle name now so that's no issue) and adding perhaps my mother's last name to my last name (so I would have 2 last names, not hyphenated). I am hispanic, so at least the concept of a long name isn't foreign to me lol. Anyway, I want to honor my grandmother because she's the only grandparent I have known, and I would add my mom's last name for two reasons: A. to balance it out so I don't have all my dad's family names and most importantly B. for career purposes. I'm going to law school this fall and my father is already a lawyer. He proposed to me that in the future we can work together and so that people would not know we are related, I can interchange last names when need be. This made a lot of sense to me, and now I'm seriously considering doing it. Any thoughts on this? I'm 70% yes and 30% no as of now. My father changed his name too when he was around my age, and he has no regrets about. So I guess it runs in the family The only thing holding me back is the pain of changing my name on all my papers, accounts, etc. (but I figure better now when I'm young and have a lot less things under my name). Also, just learning to use two last names. I'm just looking to hear people's opinions, especially if you have two last names. Like does it cause problems for you, how do you fill out paperwork with it (for example, write one or both?), etc. Thanks